Veridian Blue Silk Cylinder Lampshade

Tiered Lampshades. Pink Lampshade. Yellow Drum. Blue Lampshade.

The Petite Bell Collection

Teal Silk Tiffany Lampshade

Strawberry Pink Silk Drum Lampshade

Strawberry Pink Designer Scollop Bell Lampshade

Tweed Textile Wall Art Pinwheels

Scarlet Red Silk Drum Lampshade

Muscat Green Tall Bell Lampshade Multi Green Silk Tassel Fringe

Muscat Green Scolloped Bell Silk Tassel Lampshade

Muscat Green Mini Silk Bell Lampshade

Maple Wood Table Lamp Base made exclusively for Shady and the Lamp

Larch Green Silk Tiffany Table Lampshade

Grey Silk Petite Bell Lampshade with Fringe

Gold Tweed Cylinder Lampshade

Muscat Green Silk Lampshade Pair

Larch Green Silk Tiffany Lampshades

Apple Green Silk Hexagon Lampshade

Cream Silk Cylinder Lampshade

Cornflower Blue Petite Bell Lampshade

Citron Green Tall Empire Tassel Lampshade. Table Lamp. Pale Green Wild Slubbed Silk Lampshade. Designer Silk Lampshade. Green Tassel Fringe. By Shady and the Lamp

Cerise Pink Silk Small Bell Lampshade Trim by Shady and the Lamp

Canary Yellow Silk Bell Lampshade Trim @ Shady and the Lamp

Blue and White Striped Silk Table Lampshade by Shady and the Lamp

Black & White Tweed Cylinder Lampshade by Shady and the Lamp

Apple Green Silk Hexagon Table Lampshade. Bespoke Lampshades. Handwoven Trim. Shady and the Lamp