Shady & The Lamp | Shady and the Lamp Bespoke Lampshade Design and Restoration
Shady and the Lamp specialises in bespoke lampshades combining time honoured techniques with authentic design to produce meaningful and enduring pieces. Made by hand in our Dublin based studio.
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Shady the Lamp

Hand Made in Dublin

Inspired to create distinctive fabric lighting, Shady and the Lamp is renowned for hand making beautiful decorative lampshades.


Using time-honoured techniques we give handcrafted lampshade frames an off-beat edge by combining trend-driven fabrics and directional design. Silk, Irish Linen, Tweed and Cotton are sewn or backed onto brazed frames which are bound, drafted and lined, all by hand in our Dublin based studio.


Specialists in traditional and contemporary fabric lampshade making, we create meaningful and enduring pieces using methods unchanged for generations. Consisting of a small but dedicated team, Shady and the Lamp work’s exclusively with the finest materials and craftspeople because we believe in the integrity of quality – and our designs aim to reflect this.


 The Joneses will quake